Frequent Asked Questions

1. Need I install Scilab on the client machine?
Answer: you needn’t.

2. The server has been successfully installed and started. Why can’t the clients connect to the server?
Answer: Check the the setting of firewall on server to make sure the port for Scilab Anywhere can be accessed.

3. I get the error message when installing the server:
Answer: Check the Makefile for Server installation. Set the right path of “SCIDIR” which represents the Installation path of Scilab.

4. Can I use Scilab graphics instructions on the Scilab Anywhere client?
Answer: All graphics instructions are available. But you can just get the graphy in the “gif” format,and as a result ,you can't rotate it as in the Scilab Graphic Windows.

5. Why can't I use the command help and exec in the Windows' client?
Answer: In the C/S part of Scilab Anywhere project, we have not made a shield for the two commands in the Windows' client. But as for the security, in the Linux client, you will find you cannot run the two commands:-)
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