Known Bugs

  • The user-management on Server needs to be improved.
    In current version, every connected user are equal to use the server caculating resources. In the further development, we will setup a user-management rule. The server will give different priority to different user based on their work’s complexity.
  • The security mechanism should be improved
    We finish our work on the presupposition that any client is trustiness. In current version, the server can accept request from any Client. It brings a big security problem. In the further development, a consummate security mechanism should be used, including the user register ,login authentication and so on.
  • The Client interface should be improved
    For Linux users, the client is still text-mode, which runs quickly but is not very friendly. And the interface of the client for Windows is also very rough. In the further development, the client interface should be improved to be more and more lovely and friendly.
  • The graphics display limitation
    Althoug the Scilab graphics instructions (such as plot2d,plot3d) are supported in our software, the graphics back to client are in the format of GIF file. You can’t switch the angle of view or dag the plane just as in Scilab Graphic Windows.

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